Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chastity 101

  • You are wanking daily?  
  • You can not concentrate on your work because of extensive porn consumption on Job? 
  • You are a loser who is not able to change his behaviour? 
  • You are not doing your homework?
  • You are looking for a helping hand to get rid off all these problems and start a better life?

It is time to read my Chastity 101.

So you NEED chastity. Why else you read on... LoL You’re curious how it will feel being denied your only source of pleasure, being controlled by a tiny lock, and being at the mercy of your chosen keyholder? Here are some tips you can use when starting your new fetish.

Number One: Chastity Cage Allways Hurts

That is not true. Every start is a challange. So your body has to adjust ihm self to your new device. This may be unconfortable. But if it really hurts, the device may be of the wrong size.  If you experience any abnormal swelling or discoloration of your genitals, remove the device and try to find the source of discomfort. Most of the devices have different sizes of rings or cages. At first make some tests for your self. 

After some nights this little or not so little morning problem will also disappear. Your body is learing that its no good idea to make him stand right after waking up. It is a good idea to go to the toilette.

It may be a  tight squeeze whenever you find yourself aroused, then again, a chastity device is supposed to CONTROL that…if it becomes a reminder, so be it.

Number Two:  Hygiene Problems

You are not the first and you are not alone. So for every hygiene aspect there is already a solution. For daily cleaning issues use q-tips. Take your time for shower to get it all smooth and clean. Best way to prevent smelliness, shave your pubic hair before starting a session. Use talcum powder will help prevent chafing.

Numder Three: I lost my key, so i am lost!

No, it is a problem to lose a key, but it is no problem that will kill you. All normal chastity cages a build to prevent masturbation but are not build to lock you up for ever. BUT there goal is to try to prevent you from cheating.

Number Four: What is the best Chastity Device?

My favorite is the Neostee... But stop, stop, this is the device for the big boys. It is from Gemany and it is expensiv. But is absolutly awsome.

We are here at a 101. For the beginning chastity cages CB6000,  Holy Trainer or Birdlocked are great. They are all ok for every day use for extended period of time.  If you what to get into the more heavy peaces the Jail Bird is a great device.

Number Five: How to Start?

Buy a cheap device. If you need assistence. Do not hesitate to ask for help.
Get shaved. Best time is one day before your first try. Put you device on and wait. Start doing you homework and try go to through the first 1-2 hours. Now every time you ware the device extend the time.
Next step is to go out and do some shoppping.
If you are able to ware it more then 12 hours,your first night should be the next step.
At the Point that you are able to ware it at least 2 day, i.e. a weekend, now it is time to send me a message and we will desscus how to goon.

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