Chastity Training

I know why you are here boy. You are a  notorious wanker and you are looking for help..

Do you truly understand what it will mean to give up your power to me in this way? As soon as you are locked in your chastity device you will feel fear and excitement. As the days go by you will get more and more frustrated and in time this will build until you are totally broken and subservient. 

You will be almost constantly aware of your caged cock and the fact you cannot escape and this will always remind you of who is in charge.

I am in charge and only I.

It is such a fun to look into the eyes of a boy I have broken with chastity. Not all slaves are the same. So it depends on your sex drive how fast the real fun beginns. At first all boys a strong or proud but as time goes by slowly and surely you will submit until you beg me for release.

To have more fun you will have to perform tasks and you will have to send me pics to for proof. First we will discuss your status. Send my your answers to these questions:

Name (slave name is acceptable, YOU WILL BE RENAMED should I desire it)
Location (city or general area)
Email address:
How often do you wank?
Is this your first time enrolling for a chastity training?
Do you have a chastity device?
If you have a chastity device - what model?
Describe the experiences that you had (maximum duration, if you had access to the key, etc.)
Why do you think you should be held in chastity?
What is your personal goal to reach with chastity?

Second step is that we will discuss your training.

You need to have your own chastity device and numberd locks.

New to chastity? Read my "Chastity 101"

BUT PLEASE do not forget, nothing is for free.

Just click and pay!

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