Financial Domination

This fetish is also known under "financial slavery" or "financial blackmail". 

Because not all slaves are the same, i will find the right version for your needs. Financial Domination seems like a broad heading but it can be broken down into smaller sections as only certain aspects may be what you need. 

We will interact via niteflirt, twitter, kik, skype, email. Because it is all about money, ther will be first a tribute and then will start to talk.

My goal is to get as much fun, money out of me payslaves but not kill the cow i am milking.
I will want details about you, facts about your life, your finances ..  
Financial contracts are available either short or long term. A monthly fee is payable based on your monthly income and there will be penalties for any failed tasks.Poor but good boys will have an other option to pay me. A buy out fee will be part of a contract to get a early release if you chicken out.

Your everyday life will be to do tasks. You have duties to perform and proof of completion is required. Assignments and tasks will be based on not only your interests  because they have to give fun to me not to you.

Financial Blackmail

A more intense form of Financial Domination is Financial Blackmail

More personal details will be required. They will be validated as genuine to ensure you are not attemtping to waste my time. 

All your little secreats will be save, as long as you are a good boy. This means all given tasks will be done on high quality. Pics will be required or proof of task completion. If not you have the option to pay a extra fee. If not you will be exposed. Thats is the thrill of humiliation and exposure as you strive to ensure that all your dirty little secrets remain undisclosed.

This contract will also have a buy out fee. But it will be for my pleasure not yours...

What else?

Oh yes there are so many interesting ideas i have about giving you more and more pkesure. Think about a blackmail contract for Chastity Slaves. Chicken out of your cage and you will be exposed. Or a raise the rate game. You faild to do a task and i start to expose your information and the fee is raising to get the the information offline.

Talk to me and will find the right Thing for you and of cause for ME.

Surprise gift certs are always a pleasure to recieve .. send yours today - / / Niteflirt Tribute  

10 USD at

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