There a many kinds of sissy training:
  • Just wearing female panties 
  • Full sissification including cloth, accessory and makeup 
  • Feminine behavior training 
  • Training of chores
  • Training of feminine sexual duties
  • Forced Feminization 
First we will find out your status of training you are. After that you will get a strict training including all kind of tasks you need to get to the next level. experimenting cross dressing in secret, let that feminine side shine and have all the support you need to build that confidence.

This is one of my favorite fetishes because it is so much fun to see your impovements. Yes you will have to do your tasks correct and send pictures for proof. But you will be not alone. You will get all support you need to handle your tasks.

You just want to give it a try?

Ok for all the sissies out there i have made an assignment for free. It will be small nice, but it also may be challenging: Free Sissy Assignment

To start send me a message with all information about you and your fetish. BUT first you have to send a tribut. No tribute, no attention. Just click a Niteflirt button.

OR send a gift certificate

Zou also can buy my special Sissy questionnaire 3$:

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