Monday, January 26, 2015

How to entertain me

I am now about 1 month online. The last years i had only in person slaves and i thought ok same slaves, different medium. I was incredible wrong. There is a really big difference. The hash tag i found most offen at twitter is #timewaster.

Yes, i had already contact with this kind of wonnabie slaves or better called wankers. One of my first things i ask new contacts to do, is to entertain me by a picture. Ok, this is a great filter to find out who is looking to serve and who is looking for something to get more horny.

Which one is more entertaining for me?

A small dick

Of course a small dick at a middel aged man is not so entertaining.

BUT the best picture you can send me is.... 

 It is not bad if you only can afort 10 $ now. Because it is a sign that you are really interested in a real connection than a spam producing porn.Send them to

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