Monday, January 5, 2015

Newbies can start slow!

For quite some years i am training slaves offline to be better slaves. There was one thing all of them did. For some of them it took years to learn, that they need it. Others found my number and called me directly.

They all did the first step to talked to me.

Yes i know all wimps out there are scared about talking to a supior person. But this is the only way to find what you are looking for. Using the internet is quit more simple , because you can start by sending me a little tribute.

10 USD at
Next step could be tobuy one of my starter Assignments. At this point you will learn, how i treat my slaves and what i expect from them. Today you can choose from

Both will really harden your cock and responding to one of them will give you the kick, you are looking for! Once pushed the submit button you will feel waves over waves of pleasure. You will more and more horny, waiting for my answer.

No slave is the same


No slave is the same. So there is no recipe to train slaves all the same way. I treat each boy, gurly or what else individual. BUT i am always strict and focused to my goals. To earn money and most of all having fun.
All information a slaves sents me will be cept save.

Wimp start NOW!

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