Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free sissy assignment

You are a sissy? Yes ok, you should read on. 

I will give you a taste of my training. This assignment will be for every sissyboy. You will not need to much expirience as a sissy. You also not need panties or other feminin articels. But if you have some you can use them all at once. 

If you are new to this but curious. Try and you will a fist tast of beeing a sissy.

Step One: One Day More Feminin Behavier

Take your time and watch a women on the street. How does she ware her bag? How do they move when something is fallen down? Catch ONE behavier and try to do all day long. Every time you practice it tell your self: Because i am a Sissy.

Step Two: Next Day

The next day do It again. But every time you forget about your new behavier, you slap your patetic eggs one time and thank your self for this self correction. Starting this day you will allways sit down at the restroom. But you will do it the right way. You will pull your panties just under the knees. Every time you finish at the toilette, you wrap the toilet paper around your hand before clean up.

Step Three: Lunch Time

Find some boys and meet for lunch. But today You will eat like a girl try as hard as you can do. Start by only sitting at the edge of your chair. You will just order a small water and a salat, like other girls do and you will only talk when asked. If the others laugh at you, do not mind, you are a sissy. LOL

Send me a message including your experience and good you think you have been.

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