Sunday, January 18, 2015

How to start as a newbie?

You feel submissive?
You just started to seek around the internet for information?
You are scared about the dark, strange world you think you found?

Now it is time for you read this post to the end. It will guide you to get clear how to begin.
You will get the most wanted answers how to start a safe and pleasureable way.

You and the Others

First and i think most importend point is to forget about all this images at the internet that are totally repulsive form of submission to you. Submission is not one way. It is a infinite number of ways and scenarios. Do not wonder about things you find that turn you off. There are other boys who like it. Thats ok and it is normal.

Next point is that you are one indivium. You may feel it is the only truth if someone tells you submission is this or that. No the truth is only you can know what really works for you. If someone says, “this is the way has go to be if you are submissive”, then see if it figures into what you would like to experience, but it may be not your truth.

Last point of my list is the question if submission is normal. Close your eyes and think about the question, "Definition of normal?". The longer you think of that the more you will find out that "normal" is more like "main stream". who wants to be like all others? Boring.. My truth is that every body had a time or expirience in ther sex life that is not traditional. So nobody is normal .....  Most of the things that the that society says is not okay are also ok if you like them. But there are borders. No children, No animals.

What is really important?

None of this is meant to scare you. I just want you to have the info so you do not make serious mistakes.

Take Care of Your Safety

All you do the most importnt point is to play save. If you get a task from a dominant, always show about your safty. No real responsible dom will not accept a no, if your life or your health is in danger.

Get an Exciting Match

If you submit to me it is importaint that you are honest. Because the only way to hit your needs is to know them. Also i have to know your limits and the things you are curious about. The more information i get from you the more exciting will be experince. AND do not tell me you are the king and then chicken out because you are just at the begin.

Submit in Comfortable Ways

It is ok that your limits may be hit or streached a little bit. But it is not ok that your hard limits a ramed down. If the dome protests and lets you know they are not acceptable to her, you have just done both of you a favor. Thats ok.  Never feel bound to do something that you are not ok with. This is about pleasure and sex anyway and a responsible dom will know the difference between pushing the limits and crossing your hard lines.

My Way 

No submissive boy is the same. So i do not have one path to send everybody down. There are always differned way for each slave. First i what to know you, what weakens you, and what makes you really horny. This is the base to find a link between both of us that is unique. I will seak into your mind and find out all the naugthy stuff that give me the possibility to push your limits in a sexy way by push your pleasure buttons.

Your way

Start by answering this qustions by your self. Where would I like my submissive side to go? What experiences with a dom i am graving for? What is my next step?

Just send me a message and we can start discussing your needs.

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