Friday, January 30, 2015

Sissy How does your skirt feel?

LOL You are here because of such a crazy headline? I see you are really on the way to be a sissy. Yes to be a Sissy means to wear womans cloth. Because you are reading this, you do not have to much expirience in wearing womans cloth. May be you are one of these wonna be sissys, who are seaking around the used cloth at the laundry basket and tryed the silky feeling of your wifes panties around your tiny dick.

Ok to give you a rush about the feeling of an other piece womans clothing today you will try to ware skirt in many different situations. If you can "borrow" on real skirt from your wife thats fine. But also a towel will be fine for a beginner.

Goto to your kitchen and lay some sweets to the ground.
Ok now start by getting short of your jeans and boxers.
Now stay this way for some minutes and walk around your house.
How does it feed to be naked down there?
Now take your skirt and put it on.
Goto a  big mirror and have a look at you.
Stand still! Yes if you look at the mirror there will be a person wearing a piece of womans cloth, but not standing like a woman. PLEASE close your knees..
Now start again walking round your house. How does the feeling change?
After some minutes try to walk like a girl, trying to swing your hips and take only small steps.
Go back to the kitchen and start collecting all the sweets, like a girl.....

You want more? Send me a message.

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