Friday, February 6, 2015

Chastity Session Story

It took some time for my slave, lets call him miniwinny, to send me a message that he is interessted in chastity and he has some expirience in being locked.

He told me he can take  2 weeks without getting into to much problems.We discussed that he is not only looking for normal Keyholding but also wanted some tease and denial. Thats a point i like most at chastity action not only to get money for watching a boy loched away his useless dick but to have some real fun by teasing him also.

He wanted to start slowly. Ok, lets start with a timespan of 2 weeks.

And now the Chastity Session Story starts....

He payed the mini fee of 25 $ by sending me a etsy gc.

Jan 23
Before he locked up his chastity cage he was told to watch at least 30 minutes porn of his choice and egde minimum 3 times. I was waiting for more than an hour until i finaly got the picture of him, wearing his chastity cage locked by a numbered platic lock. May be he had to use ice to make his cock soft again.

Jan 24 and Jan 25 there was the timespan miniwinny was told to get comfortable and was allowed to watch pron how much he can take. May be he did to much...

Twitter Jan 26
Surprised. It is just 3 days and my #chastity #slave starts begging. For every RT i will add 1 day more to his time!

Ther have be some retweets so he got a nice addon to his time account. I think i will not need to mention that he did not really liked that.

Twitter Jan 27
#Chastity #slave did it again! He now send me a giftcard. Thanks, but there will be no reduce! #chastitycage #tease #denial

He was in a state not to chicken out but also not to see the goal. He tried to reduce his timespan by sending me a gift. Thats ok, but we had a deal.

Twitter Jan 29
News from my #chastity #slave! He really starts dripping #precum. LOL #tease #denial More than 3 RT he has to watch gay porn today

This day was the first day i saw real precum dripping from his cage at his verification picture. This day he had to write my name with permanent pen onto his not too small belly. Yes and at the evening he had to watch some gay porn i selected for him. His report was that he had really a bad time because he got hard and was not able stop this fast.

I like  my boys suffing in pleasure.

Next days started to be real fun for me, because miniwinny was sending me some more picture showing him suffering. I send him one or two more task for some more teasing.

Feb 02 Chicken Out
May be miniwinny had been into chastity for 2 weeks before. But he had not been into my chastity. I got a message that i want to stop right now, but to get a new chance in the future. Well what should i say. We had a nice chat and he sent me the chicken out fee. 50 $, yes i am cheap.



  1. Chastity can be kind of addicting. When you're in you want out. When you're out and you've cum a few times you get bored and want back in. He'll be back. When he comes asking to be locked up again, this time tell him the chicken-out fee is $500 and his new minimum is 4 weeks.