Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Financial Domination 101

This time i will give you a taste of financial domination. You are one of the losers who not know how to get attention from a real woman? Maybe you have some problems with money? How about a great deposit for your money, that you never have to look after. ME

I have a nice job that brings me the money to pay all my expenses. But wyh should i not earn your money too and have the fun i expect to have. Thats the point a loser like you can get into my attention. You are able to get into a position where you are part of my fun. Where you have some value for me. Isnt it gereat!

Forms of financial servitude

First one is my favorite. It is getting money from giftcards or niteflirt gifts. If it is a nice amount, i will take it and go shopping. As a reward, my loser gets his custom answer.. BUT 10 USD is not not a nice amount. It is a small amount, but always better then nothing.

Second form is paying one of my bills. There are really to much bills every week. Starting by grocery shopping, mobile phne, internet, car and so on.

Payplans are a intresting option. We make a contract, that you have debts and have to pay them back including some nice interests. For example 10 % per month. If you are not able to pay you will be exposed. If you want to stop, you will have to pay a chicken out fee. Oh, i forgot, there is also a fee for being late with payment.

Next form of financial domination is to to do tasks and have to pay penalties for losing. Losers like you not often achive the goal. Fro example you have to do some promotion at twitter for me. But if you fail, you have to pay some dollars.

How to start?

 Just ask me or better send me some dollars and i will answer you with more information. If you have secial interests, give me a hint, so am able to support you as good as i can.

If you are scared but eager to give it a try, buy my finacial domination tasks at Niteflirt. 5$

No Money? Wife?

Yes a real loser has a problem to explain big expenses. Be creative. Maybe in the future i will write a post about paying money without your wife knows about that. For now just start working.


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