Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blackmail chastity special for Xmas

It is not new but i like it more and more. As you know i do not make all this because in need your money, no, no. I do this because i deserved your money. So to blackmail someone to open his wallet and take his money is much fun, but hie always can chicken out buy paying his fee.

Much the same thing is to take care about a key of a pin dick cage. Keyholding, tease and denial is great but the looser also has the option to pay.

Now it is time to make the fun heaten up a little bit. Now for christmas i offer a special.

Blackmail Chastity

 We will discuss your limits of chastity. You will all the nasty information that i need to blackmail you and the fun starts. You will put on you chastity cage and there will no way out before time has goon.

I you are a good boy i will destroy your information after the discussed period. But bad boys will be exposed as the loser they are. 

And the best comes last. You are will decide how much you want to pay for my service.

Just use the contact form and we start you fun!

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