Monday, January 4, 2016

Teamviewer Story Part 1

German boys are always fun. They can be good boys but they have to learn it. Here is a story of one of my slaves. For this story he is from Magdeburg former GDR.

Some months ago he asked me for a Teamviewer session. I told him he should look at: Teamviewer

He told me he wants to be complete under control. Thats fine for me. We discussed my fee and he agreed to pay. Only one questen we left open: How long will he be locked down?

There is a exit option, so there is no need to discuss a hard end of his lock down.

After some time, better months, he was just fine and payed by Amazon giftcard.

Next day we started a session with TV. He is a sissy and fixed to satin. I was looking around his hdds and had a look onto his file. Sissy file, cracked software ....

After making some system checkes for my next steps i closed the session. This took about one hour.

By the time we had some sessions. Because he was complaining about that he can this and that, i had to do more restrictions. Also he has to learn to be a good boy, so he has to earn rights by good behavior.

Now he forgot payday and was late with a assignment. So i had to close down his account for 2 days.

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