Friday, January 8, 2016

Teamviewer Story Part 2

Lets goon. My Teamviewer slave is a really "smart" boy. He has more than one account at his pc and thought i do not recognize that he uses the the secound one while he is locked down the first one.

This is a nice reason for some punishment. As i know he is a wanna be sissy with a lot of equipment but not many rituals. So send him my sissy quick check. 6 easy questions to be answerd by yes or no. He had to count the number of no. This number was the time he had to kneel at rice. The result looks like that.

How long he had to kneel? Your comment NOW.

Next step is now that he has to start getting rid of his body hair. Smooth clean skin looks so much more girly like than wearing a bear costume. But i think this will last for some time he is at the point he really go for it.

Now he has the assignment to make a little bit more risky pic at work. I am looking Forward to this. Alternative is time to think, but without his pc.

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